Recruitment & Selection

  • Ensure legal compliance

  • Recruit the right talent

  • Safeguard your organisation

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“HR Team completed a full review of my company’s HR policies and procedures ensuring 100% compliance in relation to my staffing needs. No matter what my query was, HR Team provided an answer swiftly. Their flexibility and ongoing availability has proven invaluable to the smooth running of my business.”

Hiring the right people for your business

Get the right person for the job and avoid unnecessary time/money wastage with the help of HR Team’s expertise. Our consultants will help you select the ideal person
for the role and ensure all legal checks and requirements are in place. Our experts have years of experience in recruitment and selection for staffing. HR Team can help you recruit the right candidate while adhering to the legal requirements in place, which will safeguard your business from tribunal claims.
The recruitment process not only involves getting the right person for the job but employers must be mindful of the discriminatory factors associated with recruiting
new staff. Discrimination risks apply throughout the recruitment process, including the selection stage procedures. In order to avoid all forms of unlawful discrimination, employers must ensure that individuals are selected for roles solely on the basis of their merits and abilities. Poorly executed recruitment and selection can be costly, wasting valuable time and resources. Talk to us today for expert assistance on employing best practice in recruitment and selection process.


A comprehensive recruitment process will ensure the candidate selected fits the role provided making for a much more productive experience for both employer and employee. Poor selection processes are a drain on time and resources and can be rather like plugging square pegs into round holes. A comprehensive recruitment process is a rounded, time-sensitive efficient process.

Attracting better applicants to a role requires placing more specific criteria in the job advertisement issued, and of course, rewarding good quality candidates with a slightly higher salary or job package can encourage a better quality of candidates to apply.

Ask interview questions which are very specific to the vacancy. Concentrating on specific questions makes it easier to determine how suitable the candidate is for the job.

There are a range of financial implications associated with employing someone unsuited to the role. There is a considerable cost involved in employing someone who is not capable of doing the job they were hired to do, there is also the added inconvenience of necessary paperwork and procedures to address the underperformance of the individual. There is a cost associated with training the individual and the opportunity cost of the time being spent employing an inadequate employee instead of one that is fit for purpose.

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