Contracts of Employment

  • Ensure Legal Compliance

  • Reference Policies and Procedures

  • List duties and responsibilities

  • Bespoke Documents

“I’ve recently moved back from the UK and opened up an Irish business. HR team were invaluable in helping me bring my old UK contracts into line with Irish employment laws. They advised on full time contracts, part time contracts and also contract for services for self employed working out of my premises. They were prompt in replies, ultra professional at all times and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Anthony Lavin, Freedom Spinal Health
By law, each employee must be provided with a written statement of employment terms within two months of commencing employment. A Contract of Employment will include all the necessary particulars and references to employment policies. HR Team ensures that your employment contracts are legally watertight.
It is good professional practice for all policies and procedures referenced in Contracts of Employment to be explained in full within an employee handbook. Where policies and procedures in the company handbook are included in the contract, it may be interpreted that the entire contents of an employee handbook forms part of a contract of employment. However, this may not be the intention of an employer, so it’s important to seek expert advice to minimise risk of tribunal claims down the road.


Yes. By law, each employee must receive written terms and conditions regarding their employment.

Yes. Each employee must receive a hard copy of their contract of employment to be signed by them.

A Contract of Employment should include the main terms of employment. It is a legal requirement that these details be handed to the employee by the employer in writing.

Yes. It is a legal requirement that an employee receives written terms and conditions of their employment. If an employee has no contract of employment despite working for the organisation for an extended period of time, it is important that they are issued with a contract and that the terms of that contract do not differ from the employee’s existing working practices.

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