Company Handbooks

  • Ensure legal compliance

  • Detail all policies

  • Detail all procedures

  • Bespoke, designed and printed

“When it comes to Employment Law, Breda and Martina have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your business, whether large or small, is fully compliant. For any employer it’s crucial you have the correct advice and procedures to deal with any staff issues that arise. They operate both in the UK and the Republic of Ireland where the laws can vary in different jurisdictions. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Employee Handbook

All employees must be furnished with a handbook when beginning employment. The employee handbook should also be referred to in the contract of employment.
Handbooks will differ from employer to employer however, in each case, all aspects of workplace regulations must be explained in detail.
Our experts compile bespoke handbooks which ensure all areas are covered and all perspective employment issues are addressed. All organisations should have an employee handbook which clearly outlines its policies and procedures for employees to adhere to. Having a comprehensive employee handbook, which clearly communicates your policies and procedures, will help fend off costly tribunal claims.


Employee handbook is not mandatory however it is highly recommended and best

A robust employee handbook can help defend costly tribunal claims and is also a
point of reference for employees regarding policies and procedures.

The employee handbook should contain both mandatory policies and procedures
such as grievance and disciplinary and policies outlining how other staff matters will
be handled by the organisation – these include employee absence, social media use,
codes of conduct etc.

Yes. However, each employee doesn’t necessarily need to receive a hard copy of
their handbook. Each employee should sign to acknowledge that they have received,
read and understood the contents of the employee handbook.

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